A (very brief) Summary

Films and Television

Art Department for the ‘Black Flowers’ UK film shoot.

Freelance Props Maker - Elfie Hopkins (AKA: Elfie Hopkins: Cannibal Hunter)

Head of Dept - Props Fabrication - ‘The Iconicles’ - (Cbeebies BBC)

Creature Concepts and Prosthetics - ‘The Cursed Mirror’ - (Red Wire Productions)

Props and Creatures - ‘Beast Hunters’ - (BBC iPlayer)

Freelance Props – ‘Mr Nice’ - (Mr Nice Productions)

Freelance Props Maker – ‘Dr Who’ (series 3) (BBC Wales)

Freelance Props Maker - ‘Torchwood’ & ‘Sarah Jane’ (series 1) - (BBC Wales)

Head of Dept - Props Fabrication – ‘Dr Who’  (series 1 & 2) - (BBC Wales)

Model maker/Sculptor– Tim Burton’s ‘The Corpse Bride’ – (Warner Bros Ltd)

Head of Sets and Props - ING Banking advert - (Michael Mort)

Sculptor/Animation armatures – ‘Fireman Sam’ - (Siriol Productions/S4C)

Special Props – ‘The Chosen’ - (HTV)

Freelance Props – ‘The Last Troll’ - (Bear Island Productions)

Set co-design/construction - ‘The Secret of Caves’ - (Nant Films)

Puppet maker/Puppeteer  - Paintbox/Bag People/Others - (Peakviewing)

Puppet Design/Head of Puppet Fabrication – Rhacsyn - (Fflic)

Head of Puppet Fabrication/Puppeteer - Cawl Potsh - (series 1,2,3 & 4) (S4C)

Head of Puppet Fabrication - Tud a len - (S4C)

Prosthetics/Freelance Props - Testament of Telyesin Jones - (Frontier Films)

Contract Props - Space Island One - (Sky 1)

FX Props - A Mind to Kill, Series II - (Sky 1, Channel 5)

Prosthetics/Props - Satellite City.- (BBC)

Creature Concepts/Puppetmaker - Knightmare - (Anglia T.V.)

Props Maker- Maid Marian & Her Merry Men. (BBC)

Creature Concepts/Puppetmaker  - Snowspider, Series II & III. (H.T.V.)

Stage, Exhibitions, Conventions & Festivals

Design Consultant and Props Maker for Arkanes Live Escape Rooms - Toulouse

Guest speaker at SciFi Weekender 2018 convention UK

Costume and Concept work for the Wasteland Experience UK

Guest speaker at SciFi Weekender 2017 convention UK

Design Consultant and Set Dressing for MadRex VR Lounge & Bar - Philadelphia USA

Costume work for Wasteland Weekend Post Apocalyptic Festival USA

Stage wear for V2A

Stage Wear for The Men Who Shall Not Be Blamed For Nothing

Costume and Props for the cover of the novel ‘LIBERATION’ by Andrew Dobel

Design Consultant and Project Leader for Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire laser combat site.

Project Leader – Guinness Book Of Records – World’s Largest Trainer (Tescos)

Concepts /Sculpt -’Eddie’-  Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark - Album cover/Castle Donnington (Sanctuary Records)

Design/Construction - Isle of Wight / Southend / Weston Super-Mare - Theme Parks.

Welsh Water/Swalec - Royal Welsh Exhibition Stands - Royal Welsh Show

Theatre and Teaching

Contributor to the Cambridge Technicals Lvl3 in the Performing Arts Qualifications

Construction for animatronic Genie, 7m Giant, giant Crocodile, life size T. Rex, Giant Cobra, Giant Rat & Giant Shark - Newcastle Theatre Royal and other theaters around the UK - Twins FX

Academy workshops - ‘Conceptual Design for TV/Film’ - Monmouth Comprehensive

Children’s Sci-Fi Props/Masks Workshops - Glynn Vivian Art Gallery - Swansea

Life Casting/Mask Making workshop - Truro College

Visiting Lecturer - Life Casting/Prosthetics - Glan Hafren College

Props making workshop - Alice Through The Looking Glass - Trinity College - Carmarthen

Adventure writing/props-making workshops - Atlantic College - (Llantwit Major)

Character Concepts - ‘Bertie & The Wyvern’ - (Trinity College Carmarthen)

Puppet Construction - Aladdin / Jack and the Beanstalk - (Mercury Theatre - Norwich)

Puppet Construction - The BFG - New Theatre Cardiff

Prosthesis design - Cyrano De Bergerac - New Theatre - Cardiff


Mythlore ‘New Lands’ Trilogy - a trilogy of LARP event set in the realms of the Arabian Nights

Design/Construction/Workshop Supervisor. (Mythlore Partnership – Living Legends Adventures)

LRP (LARP) costumes, masks, creature concepts for:

Mythlore, Dumnonni Chronicles, Legion of Dreams, Irregular Productions, Vortex (NL), Profound Decisions.

1981-84. Trent Polytechnic. Theatre Design. BA (hons)