February 2015: Mythlore New Lands 3 has once again been awarded ‘Best Medium Sized UK Event’ for 2014, meaning that the trilogy has now won Best Event twice and runner up once.

My sincere thanks to everyone involved, both behind the scenes in the months of pre-production and to all those Players and Crew who made the world come alive. It was a pleasure to work with you all and I really hope we can do it again at some point in the future, but as work commitments increase it may be some time before I can return to either the New Lands or any of the other projects that still await their chance to be more than just plans.  Time will tell.

You’ll find the gallery of all 3 events here.

A resource of photographs & press clippings from the 1980’s

adventures in the early days of LARP.

Excellent historical-style portraits.

Real music from an acclaimed UK Roots & Blues songwriter. - Artists in the Gloucestershire area - LRP trading company

American Victorian-era re-enactor and author - photos of my Steampunk work will appear in her next book.

Beautiful bespoke metalwork. Commissions taken, smaller unique items in stock.

Quality Pirate, Steampunk and 1970’s Horror LRP with a good slice of humour.

“Events of heroic capery, shambolic roguery and backdoor burglary”.

My facebook ‘Creations’ page - regular updates, feedback and additional photographs of new work.

Probably the best Dark Age LRP adventures available in the UK.

Epic High Fantasy LRP adventures.

Hosts of the  Mythlore ‘Retribution’ 2010.

An Australian LRP system based in Melbourne, Victoria, they meet weekly for battle games and monthly for larger games.

Herofest - LARP Festivals

Specialists in Bespoke Leather armour, Costumes & Accessories.

Visit the Mythlore homepage on facebook for a large selection of photos

from the 3 Reunion events & the 3 New Lands events plus discussions & feedback.

Serpent Flame is a professional Belly Dance troupe based in South Wales UK - available for Weddings, Private Functions & Community Events.

Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire - a state of the art ‘laser combat’ group using the latest infrared technology and featuring some of my concept work in their extensive jungle-themed site.

Long Black Veil is known for her dramatic dance  style and powerful stage presence,  transporting audience members into a realm full of mystery and intrigue.

Vault 57 is a non-profit UK-based LARP set in the world of the Fallout series of video games. Highly recommended.

Larp-FX specialise in bringing FX and pyrotechnics to LARP events. Anything from ghostly apparitions, mystic pyro flashes and smoke up to ground rumbling explosions.

The official Mythlore ‘New Lands’ website with information on the various lands within the game world and galleries from the Balsora Trilogy.

Click the image opposite to take you to the YouTube promo slideshow from the first New Lands event.

Photos and video courtesy of Roy Smallpage.

Click the image opposite to take you to the YouTube promo slideshow for New Lands 3.

Video courtesy of Terry Laverty photos courtesy of various photographers.



Dedicated to making Larping props, armour, weapons and costume that are both interactive and innovative, bringing visual and audio effects to your games.

   Mythlore LARP events have been host to my own personal forays into running LARP events since 1986 and whatever the state of the hobby at the time, the aim has always been to push further and try to create some of the best experiences within the hobby. After a long break the system was revamped and resurrected to create 3 ‘Reunion’ events on the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Mythlore world, the popularity of these inspired myself and others to run a trilogy of special events set within the ‘Far and Mystic East’ of the Mythlore world in the ‘New Lands’. That award winning trilogy has come to and end now, and I feel it is possibly a suitable place to leave the name of Mythlore and to maybe strike out in new directions within the hobby.