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Dumnonni Chronicles’ Halloween 2011 LRP event ‘Darking Halls’ unveiled the latest Big Beastie - Grendel Apparently it all went well and much screaming was involved. I love it when a plan comes together ;) pictures in the LRP gallery here.


I’ve recently started to explore the wonders of the ‘Steampunk’ genre (the Victorian era as seen through the eyes of Jules Verne and HG Wells etc). This genre feels like it ties in perfectly with my previous Dr Who work and I’m enjoying exploring this ‘brave new world’ of brass and clockwork. Commissions gladly taken.

Please check out the new Steampunk album on the Galleries page.


I can finally reveal the Big Bad I was making this summer - check the LRP gallery for more pictures.

Also, a couple of nice links to the Cthulhu costume from other sites - nice to know he’s been noticed!

http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.c om/index.htm

http://propnomicon.blogspo t.com/2011_07_01_archive.h tml

Doctor Who interview

Click on the picture opposite and then click on the 'props' link on the right of the page to see my original (and probably only) interview from the Christopher Eccleston era. My seemingly odd comment at the start came from the fact that, at the time, I was actually the only person in my dept so calling myself 'Head' of anything felt a bit... wrong. Anyway, here it is and there I was ;)

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve won the award for ‘BEST CREATURE COSTUME FOR 2011’ in the LARP Awards for the Lich King costume.

( http://infinite-gateway.com/uk-larp-awards-winners/ )

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

The first episodes of the ICONICLES airs on monday 8th August - 12 August:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/proginfo/tv/2011/wk32/mon.shtml#mon_iconicles - props made by my own fair hand.

‘Beast Hunters’

    At the start of 2010 I was approached to make some props and supply a couple of ‘beasties’ for a proposed new series called ‘Beast Hunters’.

These were very lo-budget ‘webisodes’ for BBC iPlayer designed to generate interest and hopefully budget for a full series. The scripts are excellent and it features a star cast including Robert Llewellyn, James Corden & Jaimie Winston. I supplied a couple of existing creatures I had in stock and made the illustrated ‘Whisperine’ - a leather bound book of creatures. The illustrations are also used in the title sequence.

Everyone seems pleased with the end results and feedback has been very positive, so fingers crossed that it’ll go to a full series.

You can find additional pictures including the beasties in the Film & TV gallery and watch the 2 episode here.

The Cursed Mirror’

    Following on from my work on ‘Beast Hunters’, I was asked to work on a short film by Jon Rennie who had provided the graphics and visual FX for those episodes.

I ended up designing and producing the main ghoul makeup along with Claire Williams as principal makeup artist. I also supplied various bits of costume and even became a couple of dead bodies in the final film - well, it’s nice to have a bit of variety in your work. The filming took 2 days and was a joy to work on - here’s hoping it’ll lead to something greater.

The main Knights’ armour is supplied by Lamia Leathers and was made by Steve Kingston.

There are photos in the Film & TV gallery and you can watch the finished film here.

A bit more ‘Doctor Who’

    I recently unearthed some photos of the last props I made for Dr Who. These were illuminated harnesses designed by the art dept to be worn by the ‘Futurekind’ in the final episodes of season 3.

Alas they were ultimately cut as they restricted the actors for the indoor scenes which was a shame. They were made from old motorcycle parts and rigged with LED lights.

You can see more photos in the Dr Who 2 gallery.

New LRP/LARP projects

    I was approached at the start of 2010 to design and supply a few creature costumes for a Live Role Playing company in Holland. Although these were finished a while ago, I agreed to keep the photos off the site until they had had their grand unveiling over the summer. I can now reveal what I’ve been up to in the studio over the past couple of months...

More photos of the Cthulhu head and full Lich costume in the LRP Costumes/Masks gallery.

Skills Workshops

    I run a number of design and making workshops at various colleges and schools around the country for a wide range of ages and abilities.

My most recent workshop was a 6 week after-school ‘Academy’ for Monmouth Comprehensive school at the end of the 2010 summer term. The project was based around Conceptual Design for TV and Film and the students produced some wonderful pieces of work based on real TV design briefs. I’m already in discussions to run further workshops in the new term and I’m looking for more venues to run similar projects. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of me running a design or making workshop at your college or school then please contact me here.



I ‘m just starting a new range of magical items for ‘high fantasy’ LRP events - a sort of fusion between Steampunk and Fantasy which I’m calling ‘Aetherware’ - check out the LRP/LARP & Steampunk galleries for photos.

I’m pleased to say that my Cthulhu costume has won the award for Best Creature Costume of the Year in the UK LARP Awards this year. Thanks to all those who voted for him!

There’ll be a new series of photographs arriving soon of the Steampunk Boltgun & Goggles from a session by Gecko Studios www.geckophotography.co.uk - watch this space...

Another addition to my Lovecraftian creations - this time it’s a full-head Gillman mask - keep watching this space for details of a new Lovecraftian horror coming soon from my workshop...

I’m proud to say that the Mythlore New Lands LRP event in September was voted winner of the ‘Best Medium Sized LRP Event 2012’ at this year’s UK LARP Awards and a follow-up is confirmed for 20-22 September 2013.

Just click the image to the left to visit the Mythlore facebook page for photos from the last event or ask to join the group if you’re not already a member - all welcome.

There are some new Post Apocalypse costume and prop photos in the Steampunk gallery. These were made for a Fallout-themed LARP event that ran this year. Really enjoyed making these and I’m looking forward to the chance to make more.

I’m pleased to be able to finally show off the Genie made for ‘Aladdin’ at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle last year. This was made in collaboration with ‘The Twins FX’ team. The Genie was 8ft tall with a fully animatronic head and I was part of the team that designed and made him. Hopefully I’ll be able to show some more photos soon.

Many thanks to The Twins FX for the use of the photo.

Once again Cthulhu goes on the rampage.

Thanks to the person who alerted me to his latest online appearance at www.blastr.com - the SyFy channel website. Unfortunately it’s a legitimate but un-credited photo which gets a lot of shares meaning that people don’t know who the original maker is, so if you happen to see one on your internet travels please let me know so that I can contact the relevant site. If you’d like to share the photo you’re welcome, but please use the one opposite from my facebook page. Many thanks.

OK - so I promise not to turn into some weird cat-obsessed website but... The workshop now has 2 new trainees-in-waiting, please say hello to Boris and Teddy who are already practicing their creature work and present to you the dreaded ‘Cat Snail’!

For the past few weeks I’ve been working as a design consultant and project manager at a ‘laser combat’ site utilising the very latest infrared technology. There are a few teaser photos in the Exhibitions & Displays galley with lots more ideas in the pipeline over the coming months so watch this space.

You can visit the official site at: www.battlefieldlivepembrokeshire.co.uk

Copies of the new International Steampunk Fashions are now available on Amazon, and feature a number of photos of my work in the genre - a beautifully-produced hard back book that will grace any bookshelf.

Amazon UK - International Steampunk Fashions

With the second Mythlore New Lands event winning rave reviews I’d just like to thank Terry Laverty, Jackie Barlow, David Norris, Dan Barlow, Martin Jones, Kellie Sweeney, Larp FX, and everyone else who came and helped make it what it was - player, crew, traders & behind the scenes people for helping to make such a fantastic event.

Watch this space for further news and visit the facebook group for lots more photos from the event.

Say hello to Norman the Giant, currently gracing the stage in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Newcastle Theatre Royal. At 7m tall in his kneeling position, he’s - pending confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records - hopefully the largest panto giant in the world, and kept me busy for a few months this year!

Available for hire from www.thetwinsfx.com

A satisfying start to 2014 - my first completed project out of the workshop!

A LARP chainsword with 2-stage sound FX (Idle/Rev) - Really looking forward to being able to share all the other builds I’ve got planned for this year ;)

Another BIG project on my books from 2013 as I was part of the team that made Bill The Croc, a fully animated giant crocodile made for Pantomime in the UK.

Available for hire from: www.thetwinsfx.com

Whilst attending the UK 2014 LARP Awards to promote Mythlore New Lands 3, I was very flattered (and very surprised!) to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement award for contributions to our hobby.

I’d just like to thank everyone who nominated me and it’s nice to know that my efforts over the years have been appreciated by my peers.

...so can I retire now?

This full-sized Mi-Go corpse (a creature from the HP Lovecraft mythos) was something I made for an event over a year ago, but it had to remain secret until now since the event was run twice.

Now I can finally reveal it in all it’s desiccated glory, more photos in the gallery just click on the image to take you there.

I'm really pleased to announce that, following some interesting behind the scenes discussions, I've struck a fantastic deal with Matt Pennington of Profound Decisions http://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/ to co-fund some future builds for Mythlore New Lands.

Although we work on very different scales with our events, we believe that games like Mythlore and Empire have one really important thing in common - we're both stressing the importance of getting everything in the game to look as cool as possible.

The deal means that I'll cooperate with PD to share budgets on some exciting future creations with the result that both Mythlore New Lands and Empire will benefit from the collaboration.

We’re both very pleased with the arrangement, it means they get favourable access to my skills and designs and in return their additional budget means that I can invest some serious time in creating the best costumes and props possible for our hobby. It will really help us both to achieve our goal - to make every event we run that little bit better than the one that went before it.

Many thanks to Vortex Adventures in Holland for the use of a wonderful set of images from a recent photo shoot they did of the various costumes I’ve made for them over the past few years.

It proves how valuable a great photographer is in bringing out the best in a creation.

More photos in the LRP gallery.

It’s with great relief that I can finally show you the latest creature to come out of my workshop.

This is the 4-armed 7ft+ tall Bronze Titan made for Mythlore New Lands 3.

Click on the photo to take you to the gallery from this event.

Lots of new photos from Mythlore New Lands 3 now on the new gallery (click photo opposite) and also on the Facebook Mythlore LRP-LARP page.

Enjoy! :)

It appears that Knightmare has been voted the all-time best children's TV programme in a poll by the Radio Times! It's nice to know you've worked on something that was so well loved :)


I can at last reveal the largest of the projects I was working on last year.

I’m proud to have been part of the Twins FX team that created a full size, walking, animatronic T-Rex for panto at The Theatre Royal, Newcastle.

Today I received my pre-release copy of ‘The Steampunk User’s Manual’  (published by Abrams) - the second publication to feature photographs of my work in this genre. I may just have to dabble a bit more in Steampunk this year!


Full site update 13-01-15 with new galleries for Leather Work & The Mythlore ‘New Lands’ events.

NEW EMAIL ADDRESSmailto:info@markcordory.com?subject=Website%20Enquiry

The site has a new email address: info@markcordory.com

The Contact page now uses this new address, so please

ensure you update your contact records accordingly. Thanks.

I’m immensely proud to say that Mythlore New Lands 3 won Best Medium Sized Event of 2014 at the UK LARP Awards this year. The legendary Johnny Ball was co-host! The Bronze Titan came runner up in Best Creature of 2014 - but I take it as a wonderful reflection on the healthy state and vibrancy of the hobby in general that it’s so difficult to ‘win’ in any of the categories. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated or won in any of the various categories, long may this continue.

I’d like to thank Steve Fletcher and Bovington Tank Museum for inviting me along to their Dalek themed weekend to present a few talks on the early days of the ‘New Who’ production from the perspective of the Props fabrication Dept. As this was my first ever appearance I have to admit that I was a bit nervous but it appears the talks were very well received and I’d certainly consider attending future conventions as a guest speaker should the offer arise.

You are cordially invited to join the Hive Mind...

This is a speculative project that aims to try to bring together a team of experienced LARP event organisers, writers, designers, FX & construction people to create a production team with the simple aim of creating the best LARP experiences possible.

Since August 20th is the anniversary of HP Lovecraft’s birth it seemed appropriate?

...or is that inappropriate?

Many thanks to www.larptronics.com for the additional lighting FX in one of my respirator masks

You can find the video of the finished mask at:

My new Airsoft Post Apocalyptic kit is finally complete. You can find more photos in the Post Apocalyptic & Steampunk gallery.

I was very flattered (and surprised!) to discover that Cthulhu had apparently become the ‘poster boy’ for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts Halloween costume contest this year - now that’s a nice bit of recognition!

In November I was interviewed for The Fantasy Podcast series, so if you’d like to hear my musings on Dr Who, LARP and the general process of making ‘stuff’ then please click the photo. Don’t forget to check out all the other episodes on the Fantasy Podcast list including interviews with Ian Livingstone & the legendary Tom Baker! (minor swearing included!)

Out of all the things I've been involved with over the past few years, I think this is possibly the thing I'm most proud of.

Last year I was invited to contribute towards the development of the Cambridge Technicals Level 3 in Performing Arts - to advise from the perspective of someone with industry experience.

During meetings I was given the opportunity to comment on my experiences as a Head of Dept and a freelance employer and my comments have been incorporated into the new qualifications.

If what little I've contributed can help students taking these vocational qualifications to be better prepared when they enter the industry then this makes me very proud.

Merry Christmas (or the religious, agnostic or atheistic seasonal celebration of your choice). Thank you to everyone who’s commissioned me or even just taken the time to tell me they like my work, it all helps keep me employed and motivated and without you I’m just a bloke with some tools in a shed. Best wishes for 2016 to you all.

Since I now appear to be making an increasing amount of Post Apocalyptic kit I decided it was probably time to establish a specific brand for the range to distinguish it from my other work. So I’m pleased to introduce ‘SALVAGED‘ Professional Wasteland Ware and this will hopefully lead to an Etsy shop within the next couple of weeks. Watch this space.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have a photoshoot with Creative Edge Studios and the lovely Charlie Wild - this is the first of the beautifully composited shots from the shoot, there will definitely be more to follow.


Charlie Wild: http://purpleport.com/portfolio/wild/

You can find a full 7 page interview with me talking about my work and my time on Doctor Who in issue #5 of Geeky Monkey magazine. Available at all good newsagents (& probably some shoddy ones too), or online at: www.geekymonkey.tv

I can finally reveal the costumes I’ve been working on for the past 6 weeks. Two 8ft tall Lava Monsters for the Clash of Kings game app promotional event held in London. There’s some excellent footage from the event here:


I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been confirmed as a guest speaker at next years SciFi Weekender Con in North Wales.

I’ll be talking about my work on Dr Who & Knightmare among other things and I’ll also be trading my SALVAGED Ware post apocalyptic creations in the trading area.

I hope to see some of you there next year!

Many thanks to Shawn from Aftermath Events in Atlanta US for the interview opportunity.

Click on the image to take you to the interview itself.

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that I’ve been commissioned to produce limited edition pieces for the fully funded Kickstarter for the new ‘Devil’s Run board game.

Just to let you know that I’ll be at the SFW9 this coming weekend where I’ll be trading, doing another talk on my work, running a quiz and helping judge the CosPlay competition once again.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

Recently I was pleased to be invited to run the Art Dept on the Post Apocalyptic ‘Black Flowers’ Film Promotional shoot here in the UK. The film is now in post production and obviously I’ll keep you updated when there’s news of its release.

Watch this space...